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Our scientific editing, indexing, and translation services support non-native STEM researchers and PhD students, as well as established authors, with impeccable proofreading, copy-editing, translation, and indexing. We pledge publication success.

Obtain a significant competitive advantage in scientific publishing

Since our inception in 2019, Lex Academic have been increasingly approached by science researchers looking for dependable, white-glove editorial services to finesse their most important academic papers, monographs, and edited volumes. Preceded by a reputation for the very highest standards in English language editing, our esteemed clients have sought our hawk-eyed services for their most valuable pieces of research, including doctoral theses, pioneering monographs, and journal articles. Elegant English is not only the preserve of humanities scholars: increasingly, researchers within the hard and social sciences covet the same linguistic standards and virtues. Even those operating within the most technical disciplines seek some level of stylistic substantiation and polish to maximise the publication prospects of their written work.

As our reviews attest, we have shared our technical expertise with a sizeable group of international science researchers and clinicians, including those working within Life Sciences, Climate Studies, Machine Learning, Medicine, Dentistry, Ecology, and Geology. Slowly yet decisively, we have grown our pool of scientific and technical editors, indexers, and translators, ensuring that we are able to master and meet the demands of our scientific clientele and deliver precisely the service they need.

We have painstakingly gained the trust of the international scientific community—proving ourselves to be an invaluable and trusted asset of STEM researchers, alongside an enormous body of social scientists, humanities scholars, and those working across disciplines. Lex Academic.science therefore complements our core editorial offering, addressing the publication and career ambitions of researchers around the globe. Catering to both STEM researchers and clinician scientists, we are poised to address the needs of academics in all major scientific disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary scholars.

Unique strengths in interdisciplinary research

We believe that academic editing should always be conducted by specialists with subject-matter expertise and a watertight grasp on disciplinary jargon. It can be very challenging to find proofreaders and editors who straddle disciplines, and clients seeking out ‘generalist’ academic editors should understand the risk this poses to their research. At Lex Academic.science, we have honed our core group of copy editors to ensure that our editing shines across a vast array of disciplines, reflecting unparalleled sensitivity to disciplinary nuances. Furthermore, our layered editorial process means that interdisciplinary work will be edited by multiple specialists in the relevant disciplines. In addition, our edits are all finalised in-house, meaning that work is returned to our clients in superb order.

We have, for instance, edited for scholars working at the intersection of Ancient Art History and Materials Science, analysing the aesthetic and geological properties of ancient obsidian. There, we relied upon the editorial expertise of a classicist and a chemist. We have also edited extensively for clinicians and scientists researching within Bioethics, building upon our core expertise in Philosophy. Our editorial polymathy is an unmatched strength when it comes to our interdisciplinary editorial work. In this respect and so many others, we outshine generic proofreading companies.

Our extraordinary clients have placed their work with Nature, PLOS One, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Bayesian Analysis, Journal of Financial Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Management Studies, Economic Enquiry, and countless others.

Scientific editing for researchers, by researchers

Spearheaded by research-active academics, we are a refreshingly authentic author services company. Our highly engaged scientific author service combines two strands of exemplary editorial expertise. First, our technical language copy-editing aims to perfect scholarly work—from the logical level of argumentation to the finest points of punctuation. Second, our intimate knowledge of the most competitive peer-reviewed journals reflects our unparalleled academic consulting prowess. We empower you to place your work in career-enhancing outlets through exemplary editing and unmatched acquaintance with journal processes and peer-reviewer expectations. Our powerful conjunction of technical expertise and the most exacting linguistic standards constitutes a proven formula in getting your work accepted for publication the first time around. We care for and nurture our inspirational clients, leading them from draft to publication in a reliable, professional process that advances one’s career and vastly broadens one’s publication horizons. Through our careful interventions, we can elevate the scholarly register of any scholarly manuscript, helping you to engage your reader as effectively as possible with your ideas.

Explore our other author services

Scientific Proofreading

Proofreading is for those clients who need the peace of mind of knowing that their manuscript is absolutely error-free.

Scientific Copy-Editing

Copy-editing is for those clients who are hoping to improve the overall style and concision of their writing, making a guaranteed impression with academic journals.

Substantive Scientific Editing

Substantive editing is our white-glove service for those clients who require heavier editing that renders scholarship into a native-sounding style, with the tone, diction, and clarity of scholarly English.


Lex Academic are a listed supplier of academic translation services in dozens of elite universities, including Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Universität Luzern, Universität Ulm, and Università di Torino.

Scientific Indexing Services

We craft dedicated indexes for scientific textbooks and monographs. These can include page references for boxes, figures, and tables.

“I have been using Lex Academic for a couple of years. Louise and her team are extremely helpful and professional in revising my scientific documents. They are proactive to respond to my enquiries and always revise my document very efficiently. Especially, I have used the substantive editing service, which can help me revise the jargon and improve the manuscript in more plain or general language. From a scientific point of view, the experts in Geological and Materials Science fields not only correct my grammar mistakes but provide me with insightful feedback, which dramatically improves my manuscripts. I would be happy to use Lex Academic again in the future.”

Ri Cao (MSc in Experimental Mineral Physics, University of Oxford, Department of Earth Sciences)