The Lex Academic STEM Scholarship

For dyslexic postgraduate students working in STEM and STEM-adjacent disciplines.

Lex Academic recognizes the important contribution of dyslexic individuals to academic research and broader society. We believe that exceptionally promising dyslexic students deserve investment and support, helping them and the world realize the potential of their ideas. Following the success of the 2022 Lex Academic Classics Scholarship, we are pleased to announce a new scholarship for dyslexic scholars in STEM and STEM-adjacent disciplines. The scholarship is designed to facilitate the contribution of dyslexic individuals to academic research, industry, and society more generally.

The Lex Academic STEM Scholarship 2023

Our 2023 STEM award shall be granted to a student studying a STEM subject to postgraduate level. In addition to a bursary of £500, the winner will receive our five-star proofreading services gratis for their entire thesis.

To be eligible to apply for an award, you must have been diagnosed with dyslexia by an educational psychologist. You will need to supply evidence of your diagnosis, which will be treated confidentially. Eligible candidates must also hold an offer of admission for a postgraduate degree with a thesis or extended project component. You may apply for an award if you have already begun your postgraduate degree. While there are no country restrictions for these awards, your thesis must be written (primarily) in English. Applicants should email the required proof to before the end of Tuesday 1 August, 2023, alongside an abstract of their planned thesis and a brief statement about how the scholarship could help them. The panel aims to make a decision by Wednesday 1 November, 2023.

Last year’s scholarship was awarded to Leah Wild (Christ’s College, University of Cambridge) for her impressive ongoing doctoral research, Manufacturing miniaturisation: The making of miniature deities in the Greco-Roman world. Leah writes: 

As a disabled academic, I face a double bind, whereby my work is held to the same standards as my peers and colleagues, as is only right in the struggle towards intellectual rigour, and yet, the outward trappings of this, like spelling, continue to elude me. This was compounded by my choice of field: Classics. The study of Greco-Roman antiquity requires proficiency in Latin and Ancient Greek. Your support, both financial and through access to your editorial services, will ensure that my work is judged on the quality of its content. Clarity of communication is important, and I recognise the need for spelling and grammar to be as accurate and precise as possible. With your help, I will be able to achieve all that I set out to do. Your support will help to make all the difference.


Watch the video in which Leah Wild discusses the scholarship and its benefits in more detail.

We are committed to helping the world’s most promising science researchers publish in the best possible research outlets. Our shared understanding of the STEM publishing space gives our team a uniquely compassionate insight into the process of refining work for peer review and making a strong impression with leading journals, publishing houses, and funding bodies.

Lex Academic and Lex are author services companies with a humane mission. Spearheaded by Oxbridge-educated research academics, we boast 20 years’ editorial experience and over 100 research publications between us. We don’t believe that language should be a barrier to publication. That is why a proportion of our profits go towards the Lex Academic STEM Scholarship, which supports students with dyslexia.

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