Text & Image Permissions

We can take care of all your copyright clearance concerns. This covers everything from epigraphic quotations and data to more routine textual permissions and, of course, graphics, figures, tables, and images. This ensures that your manuscript is ready to enter production with all the relevant permissions already cleared.

Requesting and obtaining the right to reproduce graphics, figures, images, and text permissions for your textbook, academic monograph, trade book, or edited volume can be daunting, perplexing, and time-consuming. Indeed, what counts as fair use and what, by contrast, requires the approval of a copyright holder can be confusing for even the most seasoned writer or academic.

Our permissions experts are well-versed in copyright law and can advise on what is fair use and what requires clearance. Our team will travail tirelessly in tracking down the relevant copyright holders for your text and images, ensuring that your book is not delayed by permissions-related hurdles and obstacles.

We work hard to ensure that any permission clearance costs quoted by the copyright holder are fair. We understand the importance of working within a budget, sourcing affordable or copyright-free, public domain alternatives should the rightsholder not grant the request for a reasonable price. Clearance payments can either be paid directly to the copyright holder or via Lex Academic (we will forward on all invoices for you and your publisher’s record-keeping).

We are happy to liaise directly with your publisher, ensuring that permissions are being requested for the correct formats, territories, and languages. Our process is scrupulously organised, with all information being tracked on exhaustive spreadsheets. This ensures that all the relevant details are logged and updated without delay, including any limitations and restrictions, fair use analysis, and the permission status itself.

A common permissions hurdle involves your own work. Authors frequently find themselves paying hefty fees to reuse or reprint their own scholarly work in their monographs and essay collections. This is partly owing to the fact that they frequently sign contributor forms that give away the copyright in their work, which they provide to a journal or publisher for free. We help you to navigate the legal labyrinths required to ensure that you do not have to pay hefty fees to reuse your previously published work in collections of your own writing.

Whatever your image or text permissions needs, we are here to help. If you would be interested in discussing these services, then please email science@lexacademic.com.

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“I was extremely impressed and happy with the outstanding proof-reading service at Lex Academic. The editing I received was excellent, meticulous, and delivered in a very timely manner. Lex Academic offered well thought out interventions, grammar adjustments and overall made my Master’s thesis more concise and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with Louise and I would strongly recommend Lex Academic to all my colleagues, and I look forward to working with them in the future!”

Natasha Gukhool (Senior Rotational Pharmacist, MPharm University of Portsmouth)